[Wine] optimize mouse for games

AxlRose01 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Sep 26 20:26:33 CDT 2010

- I play the game atlantica online
- Tried for a few days to make it work on vmware, read all about making the host enable for 3d games
- Works fine, a bit slow but all 100%
- Tried on wine, and omg, runs 200% and fast, extremelly fast
- Problem is the mouse
- had same problem on vmware, but i found the answer on:

> vmmouse.present = FALSE
> This line disables the absolute pointing device in the guest. Applications which require DirectInput relative mode need to turn off the absolute pointing device in the guest. In practice, this is only required for a certain class of full screen 3-D applications (for example, real-time games like first-person shooters).
> Note: If you set the vmmouse.present option, you should also turn off the preference for motion ungrabbing in the Input tab of the Preferences settings dialog. 

- Problem solved on vmware
- on wine, i just cant find the option :(
- the game is not a first person shooter but i need this options to move the camera

- when it happens???
- happens when i keep the left or right button of the mouse pressed, then the cursor disapears and while pressed i can rotate the camera, not inside a battle, inside a battle works fine, problem is when walking, you just use the mouse
- it does work, but very baddly, and for moving the mouse like crazy only moves the camera like a 1%-%5
- tried on the wine config > gfx > allow dx to stop the mouse while leaving their window, very little it improves

- for only this problem, the game is unplayable for me

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