[Wine] [Dragon Age Origins] Official DLCs "Unable to load area"

railla wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 2 09:54:36 CDT 2011

I have a Steam version of DAO + Awakening and have had no troubles with it up until now when I've bought some DLCs from official bioware store.
For any DLC I bought I'm getting "Unable to load area" error right after character creation or importing (or, in case of "Leliana's song" --- right after "Play" is pressed in "Other campaigns" menu). Its a very popular error on PC/Xbox, but this case has obvious complications %)

Standard solution (profile.dap moving/deletion, AddIns.xml manual rewriting, reinstalling via daupdater.exe, verifying steam game cache integrity) had no effect so far.

EA support as a last resort offered some weird solution which I could not properly try on Wine because it suggest disabling/changing UAC settings and disabling some background services.

Does anyone played official DLCs and had successfully overcome "Unable to load" errors? Please, share you suggestions, any help would be very much appreciated!

In case it'd help EA solution (sorry for the wall of text):

> Andrew M.: We are going to disable some extra tasks/programs that are running in the background and start when you boot up your computer. These extra tasks/programs can cause issues and might further help get the issue resolved. 
> ...
> 3. Inside that "Run" window I would like type in "msconfig" and hit "OK". 
> 4. Now a new "System Configuration" window should open up. 
> 5. Inside that new window I would like you to go to the "Tools" tab at the top. Go to that. 
> 6. Inside that Tools tab I would like you to locate inside that list a tool named "Disable UAC" (If you cannot locate "Disable UAC" it will be named "Change UAC Settings") 
> 7. Once you have located that tool I would like you to select it and then click the "Launch" button. 
> 8. If you launched the tool named "Disable UAC" you will see a black box pop up saying that task is completed, you can now close that and skip to step 12.
> 9. If you launched the tool named "Change UAC Settings" you will see a new window pop up with a slider on the left had side that says "Always Notify" on the top and "Never Notify" on the bottom. 10. I would like you to slide that all the way down to "Never Notify" after that you can hit "Apply" then "Okay". 
> 11. If it asks you to restart you can just close that because we will be doing one more thing before restarting. 
> 12. Now I would like you to go back to your "System Configuration" window and go to the "Services" tab. 
> 13. Inside that Services tab I would like you to make sure there is a check next to where it says "Hide All Microsoft Services". 
> 14. Now that there is a check in that box I would like you to select the "Disable All" button. 
> 15. Go ahead and click on the "Startup" tab for me and select the "Disable All" button. 
> 15. Now hit "Apply" and hit "OK".

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