[Wine] Re: [Dragon Age Origins] Official DLCs "Unable to load area

railla wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 2 09:59:59 CDT 2011

railla wrote:
> I have a Steam version of DAO + Awakening and have had no troubles with it up until now when I've bought some DLCs from official bioware store.
> For any DLC I bought I'm getting "Unable to load area" error right after character creation or importing (or, in case of "Leliana's song" --- right after "Play" is pressed in "Other campaigns" menu). Its a very popular error on PC/Xbox, but this case has obvious complications %)
> Standard solution (profile.dap moving/deletion, AddIns.xml manual rewriting, reinstalling via daupdater.exe, verifying steam game cache integrity) had no effect so far.
> EA support as a last resort offered some weird solution which I could not properly try on Wine because it suggest disabling/changing UAC settings and disabling some background services.
> Does anyone played official DLCs and had successfully overcome "Unable to load" errors? Please, share you suggestions, any help would be very much appreciated!
> In case it'd help, here is EA solution (sorry for the wall of text):
> > Andrew M.: We are going to disable some extra tasks/programs that are running in the background and start when you boot up your computer. These extra tasks/programs can cause issues and might further help get the issue resolved. 
> > ...
> > 3. Inside that "Run" window I would like type in "msconfig" and hit "OK". 
> > 4. Now a new "System Configuration" window should open up. 
> > 5. Inside that new window I would like you to go to the "Tools" tab at the top. Go to that. 
> > 6. Inside that Tools tab I would like you to locate inside that list a tool named "Disable UAC" (If you cannot locate "Disable UAC" it will be named "Change UAC Settings") 
> > 7. Once you have located that tool I would like you to select it and then click the "Launch" button. 
> > 8. If you launched the tool named "Disable UAC" you will see a black box pop up saying that task is completed, you can now close that and skip to step 12.
> > 9. If you launched the tool named "Change UAC Settings" you will see a new window pop up with a slider on the left had side that says "Always Notify" on the top and "Never Notify" on the bottom. 10. I would like you to slide that all the way down to "Never Notify" after that you can hit "Apply" then "Okay". 
> > 11. If it asks you to restart you can just close that because we will be doing one more thing before restarting. 
> > 12. Now I would like you to go back to your "System Configuration" window and go to the "Services" tab. 
> > 13. Inside that Services tab I would like you to make sure there is a check next to where it says "Hide All Microsoft Services". 
> > 14. Now that there is a check in that box I would like you to select the "Disable All" button. 
> > 15. Go ahead and click on the "Startup" tab for me and select the "Disable All" button. 
> > 15. Now hit "Apply" and hit "OK".
> > 

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