[Wine] Re: Champion's Online

BakaAkuma wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Aug 2 16:18:36 CDT 2011

Ok I'v finally got the program downloaded on my computer and I can't run it. the start button is on my desktop and loads just fine when clicked. What seem's to be the opening page load's. This is what I see. The page start's in the upper left hand corner and read's across to the left 
                            (new's, forum's, support, manual,
                             Option's and release notes
                     Hideouts              new ArcheType
                     Phase 2                The Desciple
                                                  New item's

                     grey rectangle                    blue rectangle        grey patch)

In the last line I think both rectangle's at the bottom are some type of load and the patch is supposed to be the start button. I don't really know cause the whole bottom line is grey and I can not click any of these if they are button's

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