[Wine] Re: Permanent CD / DVD drive setup

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 3 00:28:11 CDT 2011

Just a friendly reminder that audio tracks are a different game. Audio tracks actually do not have a filesystem and, for realizes here, no lying, do _not_ contain files. They are "simply" almost raw audio data. Yet each operating system has it's own way of creating the "illusion" (only directory-deep, not backed up by a virtual partition or anything, except maybe in Windows) that there are files on the CD by creating a directory containing music files that are generated based off the audio tracks. So in Unix-like operating systems, audio track(s) of a CD cannot be mounted to a directory, because they contain no files. But believe it or not, the output of a program can be mounted to a directory, not just hardware abstraction files linked to partitions. So a program that is constantly looking for audio tracks, gvfsd, figures out audio files from any audio tracks it finds and outputs them to where the program is mounted. In mount, you should see gvfs-fuse-daemon mounted to /$HOME/.gvfs. So you need to tell WINE to make a drive letter pointed to /$HOME/.gvfs (or maybe even a folder within there) if you want audio CDs to be seen on this higher level by programs in WINE, though they should just be able to see the hardware anyways and get what they need out of that. So if I'm correct, "sudo umount /$HOME/.gvfs" would actually be how you unmount audio cds without ejecting them in Linux.

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