[Wine] Re: Wine aborts setup.exe for weird reason: Need a FIX

Rising Eagle wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 5 15:30:05 CDT 2011

You are right, pastebin wouldn't allow it. However, I did post the last 20 or so lines at http://pastebin.com/SkVQg3aL if that helps. I will post more if you can specify what you need.

The lines are not repeating, nor is there an infinite loop of some kind. It all looks like normal calls and returns with values. No errors or tracebacks are present. It just abruptly ends at the point it opens a dialogue box, gives the error about missing file and an OK button.

I am aware that the patches are not supported as you guys are working on a more robust USB support project which is not ready for prime time yet. Unfortunately, my reverting to a nonUSB version defeats the purpose of using the package I wish to install.

It is my belief, however, that it is the installation process that is under suspicion here. Both wine versions would behave identically in this case: this problem affects your stable version as the installation process is not changed in any way by the USB patches. I don't believe reversion will solve the problem nor provide additional clues.  Though you cannot make mods to the USB version that solves the problem, my guess is that there is a manual workaround that will work for both versions and that me running experiments of your suggestion under the USB version, and you having access to the code of its equivalent stable version (from which the USB version is built) will lead to a solution for me and a bug fix for all future stable versions.

If you still believe I must revert to stable to find an answer and then revert back to USB and apply the solution we find, tell me how to do so without messing up the packages already installed under wine with USB.

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