[Wine] Re: Unexpected folder structure in Wine 1.2.2 (Linuxmint 11)

GH68 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Aug 7 03:38:49 CDT 2011

The Wine package is retrieved from the Ubuntu repository (not repackaged by LinuxMint) and I now upgraded to 1.3.15, which is the most recent version available in the repository. I played around a lot, but now I can make a long story short:

The name of the Program Files directory is language dependent. When logging on to Linux using English when first configuring wine, the directory will be called "Program Files" but with Swedish it will be called "Program". This is consistent with my Swedish WinXP installation. I suppose this can be regarded as an "improvement" of Wine, since it didn't work like that before. I even tried German, and then it is named "Programme". 

Thanks again for spending the time trying to help me!

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