[Wine] Question regarding expanding wine features with JoytoKey

Xenphor wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Aug 11 20:58:53 CDT 2011

Currently wine is able to run the windows program JoytoKey decently. One of the most important features of JoytoKey (emualtion of the mouse using a joystick), works within the Linux desktop, but not inside applications which take control of the mouse (mainly games). I was wondering if it would be possible for Wine to allow JoyToKey to control such applications using Joytokey's mouse emulation. 

I know there are other Linux programs out there that offer keymapping and mouse emulation using joysticks but I believe that none of these come close to Joytokey. Expanding the functionality of Wine to allow JoytoKey (which already is compatible) to work within applications besides the desktop would be beneficial.

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