[Wine] Re: Question regarding expanding wine features with JoytoKey

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Aug 12 03:49:37 CDT 2011

Xenphor expand the native solutions. 

http://qjoypad.sourceforge.net/  The native solutions are quite decent.  This almost 100 percent matches all features of JoytoKey and has features JoytoKey lacks.  In fact qjoypad action control on axis well and truly exceeds what JoytoKey can do.   I really don't believed you looked at the native applications Xenphor.

Linux input systems and Windows input systems are in fact major-ally different.   Its not really possible to have a application inside wine control Linux applications unless they do speak the same way.

Linux applications can control ones inside wine.  For the simple reason Wine has a wrapper. 

Also be aware if application asks to talk to mouse wine takes that path as direct as able to native input system.  This is why JoytoKey fails.    Since running inside wine its not interfacing with the native systems.

Also Xenphor the issue of splitting will get worse as xi2 and other changes go through X11.   Yes something native that is maintained will be required to cope with the up coming problems.  Like applications that are classed as not active having keyboard and mouse feed disconnected.  Wine really cannot report that all applications are active.  This is a speed fixup and also a secuirty fixup.  Ie non active application not being able to see mouse keyboard or feed instructs to mouse or keyboard does help secuirty.

Simple fact Linux is not Windows and keeping on using Windows applications when you should not only causes you pain.

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