[Wine] how 2 download WINE thru windows (no linux modem yet)

christmasangel wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Aug 13 16:08:29 CDT 2011

This is pesky; cant get on net yet with brandy new ubuntu, as cannot install modem and no clear directions in ubuntu 10.04

need wine: cannot find how to get: all net pages assume youve got modem up and running ie advising just use "downloader" or "package source"....what about no modem yet in linux? (looking here thru windows)... impossible

Need to download wine for Ubuntu kernel 2.6.32 : in order to make JUNO dialer work and connect to internet. Have not even figured out how to install modem (usb fax) yet, it all revolves around having already made an internet connection. Hence cannot do a thing on net from linux side of laptop. 

How to get right WINE version downloaded via windows and saved on external drive????? to somehow manually install into ubuntu and get online??? Without online, all these directions I find are useless. 


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