[Wine] Re: How to let wine doing a rescan of PATA devices?

oiaohm wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 17 19:37:44 CDT 2011

vitamin hal works with sata devices and usb and scsi for sending notice to wine when connected. 

This is surprising this is one time I know something you don't.  But this is something odd ball.

Issue is the command

echo "scsi add-single-device 1 0 0 0" | sudo tee /proc/scsi/scsi

In fact does not trigger any notification that hald receives.   Because its not believed as a new device being connected but currently connected devices reconfigured.   Yes you can change what ever options you like on a device and hald will not be informed.

I have not looked at udisk yet to see if it still blind as bat to this kind of command to kernel.  Hopefully it will work so problem will be fixed in future.

After explain this mess.  

There might be another way around this.  Can you try Peter0 inserting and mounting a disk.  Might trigger the right messages to end up at wine so make the drive exist in wine.  Might not I don't know that section of Wine code for what messages it listening for so what way you can trick it into working.

But simple way is just add a forever device to wine.  PATA is the only form of drive connection that Linux does not support hotplug on and hald does not work right.

Vitamin this is a hald bug that just happens to effect us in the case.

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