[Wine] wine/native program sound issue (no pulse)

tparker tparker at etherstorm.net
Thu Aug 18 10:47:39 CDT 2011

In Wine 1.3.25 and not in .26 I am having a problem with an odd sound 
conflict. I use the linux native version of Teamspeak while gaming and 
play the games through Wine. If I start Wine first then Teamspeak cannot 
access the sound card and does not work but all the game sounds work. If 
I start Teamspeak first it works fine and most (but not all) games have 
sound in Wine.

Before Wine 1.3.25 it did not matter which order I started the programs 
in, is it something to do with the sound system changes that are in 
progress in Wine and I just need to be patient until things settle? I 
have googled and searched for bugs and not found anything I could tie to 
this and am not sure what else to check.

Wine version 1.3.26 installed via OpenSuse 11.4
Onboard nvidia sound
KDE (no pulse audio components)
No changes to OS install or sound system before/after problem appearing

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