[Wine] Program No Longer Can Save

David Baron d_baron at 012.net.il
Wed Aug 31 07:48:40 CDT 2011

> > So I compiled and installed the latest and greatest from winehq and got
> > rid of all of Debian's packages, just to see what happens.
> > 
> > Same thing. Possible that it is not a wine problem at all?
> Whatever, the workaround I was able to do was  copy comdlg32.dll from my
> old windows 98 disk and set the application for windows 98. Have not
> checked for any ill-effects from this yet ... The page fault in the
> debugger sited this dll, the first recognizable object on its output. See
> if the thing still works properly now that I can save files.
> Hey, I have not run apps with native dlls for years. Originally, I always
> used native windows totally, for better or worse, until upgrades of wine
> choked on that. It was nice to have the old registry entries, i.e. for
> program registrations, active. In the old days, this all worked
> flawlessly.

So, backtracking on some old problems:

WIth win98 dll and other windows, works fine but filenames do not show in the 
dialog. Setting win98 and the filenames show, but ...

The 16-bit MIDI functionality thunks and that NEVER worked. Need a 32-bit 
windows model to use the program.

I do not have a 32-bit windows available (maybe someone can send me the one 
dll from y2k, maybe XP but there were compatability issues when that came out. 
The versions with wine itself are fake and crash as before.

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