[Wine] Native mp3 playback winemp3.acm/l3codeca.acm regression?

joki wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Aug 31 13:10:17 CDT 2011

Two issues.

1. Probable regression in Wine v1.2.2 and 1.2.3 (v 1.2 ok):
- ACM / native WMP playback not working.
Tried to upgrade to 1.2.3, then 1.2.2 and they both cause the player (1by1) to hang, nothing written to console.
Revert back to v1.2 and acm works fine again.

2. Bug in Wine v1.3.x:
 - ACM / native WMP playback (using libmpg123) elapsed track time advances too quickly (nearly two seconds elapse per one second of real mp3 playback).

For both issues have tried both ALSA and OSS sound drivers via winecfg, Tried wiping ~/.wine.

Have mpg123 v1.13.3 installed at /usr/lib, where wine expects it.

My l3codeca.acm is from XP sp3. size 290816, md5sum 452705ac9e4c0dde91a61f0e02292423
as per "6.11.4. MP3s do not play in Windows Media Player or applications that depend on it" at

Thanks for a really useful app!

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