[Wine] Re: Stick on installation: winecfg not found

Wiso wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Feb 13 20:14:44 CST 2011

[/quote]There should be much more than this.

Also, building Wine is MUCH more than just unzipping the tar.gz file and 
running a configure.  There are about 20 dependencies for building it.  
I recommend using either MacPorts or Fink to build it.  Ryan Woodshall 
also build a script that will download/unpack/configure/build all of the 
current dependencies for Wine.  This is the script I'm currently using.  
Be forwarned that building Wine will take about two hours and took about 
that amount of time on my shiny new MacBookPro.

James McKenzie[/quote]

Hello James,

thanks a lot for your hint. 

I tried to manage it with Fink, same result. 

Where do I find/get the script from Ryan you mentioned? It sounds like a great help!

I invested more than a day for installing several x11, Finks and other packaged, reading user manuals and surfing the net for help without a positive result, so I would be happy if I could invest two more hours and it works ;->

Kind regards


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