[Wine] Re: Aion 2.5.0.x on Sabayon 6

Acidphase wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 1 15:16:06 CDT 2011

SpawnHappyJake wrote:
> That's good info, but I hope you didn't commit the cardinal sin of running something installed by Windows with WINE:
> > I did not run the installer sorry but I'm not going to sit there for god knows how long to wait for Aion to install all it's patches in my case I just mount my Windows 7 Drive and run it from there. 
> > 
> > Better that way in my opinion anyway it's running from separate physical drive. 
> Remember that Windows filesytems like NTFS can't meet WINE's needs.
> Also remember that Windows and WINE have separate registries (in fact, WINE and WINE can have separate registries if you use more than one WINE prefix) and niether WINE or Windows makes an effort to sync its registy with the other.
> If you boot into Windows and run this program, it might save or edit a file to expect a certain registry key. Then when you try in WINE, it might be broke. And visa versa.
> Cheers,
> Jake[/b]

Thanks for the info still learning things myself I haven't had a problem switching back and forth between Windows 7 and Linux using the same install Directory but I didn't know about the wine and ntfs stuff so maybe I'll just copy the install over to Linux physical drive got a TB for Linux alone so space isn't a issue lol (Aion is about 18gigs) and see how it runs.

I used my Windows 7 disk because it's a raptor too figure i'd push a little more out of it but I have a older 74gig raptor I can slap in my box and create a ext4 with that hmm I'll try that sometime this weekend today is my kids birthday no time for it lol

Aion pretty much creates it's own environment ( you can copy paste it were you want and just run it via commands)

Wine creates it's own registry entries for Aion  first time it loads only thing really have to change sometimes switch back and for between OS is the graphic settings because of testing purposes which isn't a problem.

Again that's allot for the info and feedback :)

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