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"Nice to meet  you, now run for your life!!!	""It's not a retcon, or a reimagination, or a franchise revitalization, or any of the franchise buzzowords that sci-fi franchise fanboys tinker with - instead, it's a new "Dr. Who" that captures the spirit of the original while knowing when to The Golden Girls seasons 1-7 cheap (http://www.discyou.com/goods-285.html) go its own way.  Unlike the original show, structured around serials of 4-6 episodes, the new show has whole hour-long episodes arranged in loose arcs.  Some of the basic story ideas are unoriginal, or too thin to otherwise work, but nifty scripts and an unspeakably irresistable chemistry between Christopher Eccleston & Billie Piper provide more than enough entertainment to punch a whole through the space-time continuum.  The beauty of the show is that it's pefect season 1-21 The Simpsons (http://www.discyou.com/goods-707.html) for old-school Whovians and those who never knew what the show was about.  The scripts rely on deft dialog to establish the premise of the show - and not the leaden expository narrative that you'd get on any of the Trek slin-offs - creating a backstory far richer than that other franchise could have boldly gone forward to imagine.  In the first series, we meet the new Doctor (there are signs that this is a new regeneration) as he tours 21st century London; we also meet Rose Tyler, a working class girl who unknowingly stumbles upon an alien menace bent on world conquest.  Over the course of the first season, the Doctor will face off against new breeds of aliens and other way-out creatures in Earth present & past, with jaunts to far Married with Children 1-11 buy (http://www.discyou.com/goods-398.html) off worlds.  The episodes embody comedy and drama in the right measure - Law and Order Special Victims Unit the complete seasons 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-717.html) they compliment the original series without condescending to it; besides the main characters, the scripts work up guest characters - villains and heroes: from Charles Dickens to the Prime Frasier 1-11 dvd box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-411.html) Minister of 21st Century England; From the London Blitz to the end of the World; from enemies we've never seen before to the appearance of...well, Whovians can figure it from there.  The show excels mostly because you never know where it's going,"" so it's always a surprise.  """""										
"Doctor Who Series I--Welcome Back, Old Friend...	""Russell T. Davies had a problem in 2004.  His problem was how to restart Doctor Who, the great British science fiction television series that had died a slow death in the 1980s, primarily due to shoddy writing and stale characterizations.     Then he remembered the basic rule of good-to-great science fiction.  It isn't the situations...it's the characters.  We learned this when Ronald D. Moore and David Eick reworked Cold Case gift set seasons 1-7 cheap (http://www.discyou.com/goods-416.html) Battlestar Galactica.   To that end, I felt that RTD really treated the four seasons he ran production more as a 52-episode story that was told in four chapters.  This First Series Set plays more as a laying of the baseline for the 21st-Century Time Lord and those around him.  Davies seems willing to lay more of the Doctor's emotions out.  There is the irreverence and stream of thought that has usually played through the character's recent history, but Davies--through Christopher Eccelston's interpretation--starts laying the Doctor bare at times.  The Ninth Doctor doesn't wear the scarf of Tom Baker, the celery boutonniere of Peter Davidson, or the straw hat of Sylvester McCoy.  Davies starts this with a subtle reminder that, in spite of his name, what The Doctor is...is a warrior.  Whether considered a soldier OZ seasons 1-6 box set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-399.html) or superhero, Eccelston's Doctor is a black-wearing, short-haired survivor of a conflict that wiped out his Medium season 1-7 dvd set (http://www.discyou.com/goods-3991.html) planet.  He can be severe, angry, feral and snappish all in a matter of moments.  He also hurts--he's alone.   This is where Davies' thought process begins to percolate around the character.  He starts in this season to introduce "The Family of Time/Children of Time" concept--his Companions , the cohorts who aid and support (sometimes unwillingly), and a world that goes beyond his travels in the TARDIS (Which absolutely could NEVER change from its 1950's Police Box camouflage).  In many ways it is a broader vision than what we had in the first run, and opens up new avenues for the Doctor's world.  This allows Billie Piper's Rose Tyler--the Family of Time's First Lady--to be the soul and the conscience the Doctor so desperately needs.  Piper is allowed to give a strength to Rose that we haven't seen in the Companion's roles before (Or at least since Sarah Jane Smith), and all the while look absolutely adorable.  She saves the Doctor's life twice within the first six episodes--in the premiere/return episode "Rose" and at the conclusion of the "Aliens In London/World War III" storyline.  In "Dalek", Rose actually challenges the Doctor AND the infamous robot enemy in white collar seasons 1-2 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-3997.html) a way no Companion had.     If Rose is the Family of Time's First Lady, Camille Courdi's Jackie Tyler is the Queen Mother--her first meeting with the Doctor is a wonderfully hilarious moment of attempted seduction crushed--and Noel Clarke's Mickey Smith is the reluctant entrant.  Having been the boyfriend of Rose when she met the Doctor, Mickey is the one who study's the Doctor's history and realizes the danger of being around him--yet, he finds himself working with the Doctor; even saving the world from itself in "World War III".   But the character that knocks it out of the park in Series 1 is John Barrowman's Jack Harkness.  Introduced in "The Empty Child", Harkness is the knight errant of the Family--born in the 51st century, Jack would seemingly prefer being a thief to his moments of heroism...that is, if he could get his mind off of getting some.  With anyone.  Or anything.  The explanation of Jack--in the 51st century, the former Time Agent comes from a time where the term 24 seasons 1-8 dvd boxset (http://www.discyou.com/goods-280.html) "omnisexual" is used.  That explains Jack, short of using the term "male ho".   While expanding the base of the people surrounding the Doctor, RTD also expands the physical world of the Doctor.  In "The Unquiet Dead", the Doctor and Rose travel back to 1869 and meet Charles Dickens in Cardiff, Wales.  Frasier the complete seasons 1-11 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-411.html) Finding themselves in an investigation of corpses reanimating at a funeral home, the Doctor discovers the funeral home sits on a time/space rift that is capable of allowing extraterrestrials to move into this world and dimension.  That rift becomes a part of the Doctor's universe about 145 years later...but that's for another review.   It is the finish to the season--the two-parter "Bad Wolf" and "The Parting Of the Ways"--that set Charmed season 1-8 for sale (http://www.discyou.com/goods-372.html) the transition from Eccelston to David Tennant, and the course for Captain Jack...but also the level of strength and devotion to The Doctor that Rose shows; Gilmore Girls dvd season 1-7 complete sets (http://www.discyou.com/goods-701.html) a part of the four-part storyline that runs deep.   This first chapter of Doctor Who's return is a fascinating watch, made all the more fascinating by the first season being Eccelston's only season as The Doctor.  Among the special features is Eccelston's BBC interview before the premier episode was shown in England, an odd moment because one realizes that Chris knows he's completed his run--leading to his mentioning of regeneration.   All in all, the return of Doctor Who to television has been a wonderful view--it hasn't been reimaged as severely (Though to its benefit) the way that Battlestar Galactica was, but it comes off as a diamond long-buried,"" found and--thanks to Russell T. Davies--well polished...and well done.     Season/Series 1--highly recommended.         """""										
"Everything you want from a box set	""The first series of the new Doctor Who is presented in fine style in this box set.  The stories are good and there is a commentary on every episode!  Other special features include behind the scenes views, special effects planning, and the like, but those are mostly space filler:  good enough for what they are, but not really a selling point.The reason to buy this is the stories,"" of course.  Christopher Eccleston manages to be both funny and dangerous as the new Who and Billie Piper updates the role of companion for a new era.  Not since "Star Trek" spawned "Next Generation" (and perhaps never) has a cancelled series returned The Big Bang Theory season 1-3 dvd boxset (http://www.discyou.com/goods-296.html) in such fine form.Well worth getting.  """""										
"I adore this show!	I've been going through the other reviews... and not being a Dr. Who expert (I remember seeing the old ones here and there on PBS as a kid) anything I say will have been said already. What I will say is I love it... and can't wait for the Series One DVD to come out here in the States.I think my favorite part about this is that they DIDN'T go over the top with special effects (which is what would have happened if an American company had gotten ahold of the idea to remake it). I'm glad the creatures are a little on the low-fi The Golden Girls box set 1-7 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-285.html) side... not all super CGI'd up. It would have ruined the whole thing. ... its the kitsch that makes this show so fun!  		http://www.amazon.com/review/RXD3RUNK3PP91,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,"										
"To Quote The Doctor, ""Fantastic!""	""Having been a longtime fan of the original series, I was elated to hear that the BBC was reviving the brilliant world of "Doctor Who."  I became even happier when SciFi Channel picked up the series and began broadcasting it here in the US.  This wonderful boxed set contains all thirteen of the original episodes in 1-8 season collection of 24 (http://www.discyou.com/goods-280.html) their entirety on four discs as well as a fifth disc containing an episode-by-episode "Doctor Who Confidential" hosted by "Shaun of the Dead" star, Simon Pegg.Each episode disc includes its own special features, with commentaries for all of the stories.  The highlights include an interview with Eccleston and the making of the destruction of Big Ben.  That particular extra reveals a fun secret to fans about London's famed clock during the taping of the sequence.The tales feature classic "Who" enemies like the Daleks and Autons as well as hints and nods to the classic series, including a glimpse at members of UNIT.  New enemies, like the wonderfully wicked Slitheen, also add to the mythos of "Who."Christopher Eccleston, who comes across as very serious about his portrayal of the Doctor, plays the Timelord as an intense vigilante at times, a caring, loving friend at others, and then almost child-like when he encounters new experiences.  Loyal fans of the series have argued over who Eccleston's Doctor reminds them of the most.  Personally, I think that there's a healthy mix of Tom Baker's (#4) wonder and seriousness, William Hartnell's (#1) crankiness, and Peter Davison's (#5) sometimes emotional frailty.His companion this time around is Rose Tyler, played by Billie Piper.  She's a young Londoner fed up with her ho-hum life who jumps at the chance to go time-hopping with the Doctor.  She's a solid character who comes into her own as the series progresses.What makes this particular Doctor Who series so unique from the classic is the fact that victims, friends and enemies question the conscious of the Doctor.  Why is it that everywhere he turns up, people die?  Is he a selfish being, or a true hero?  Excellent characters like Jackie Tyler (Rose's mum) and Rose's boyfriend, the wonderful Mickey, are used as vehicles to drive these questions home.  Even the Daleks get a couple of ego-bruising shots at the Doctor.  The consequences of the actions of the Doctor and others are also addressed like they've never been looked at before in the classic series.Overall, this is an excellent revival of the classic series.  Gone are the wobbly sets and cheesy costumes, but the intelligent stories, scary enemies, and wonder and amazement are well-intact.  If you're new to the series, this is an excellent introduction.  If you're an old fan,"" you've probably already made up your mind about the show.Highly recommended.  """""

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