[Wine] Re: AudioSurf

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Jul 2 00:33:42 CDT 2011

Sorry, buddy. WINE has its limits. Those limits are getting less and less but there are still limits.
At least you don't have to rely on ReactOS! That thing would seriously CRUSH your hopes!
Since you have a copy of Windows, you can make a Windows virtual machine with the free and open source VirtualBox to run this game.
In fact, you can install VirtualBox Additions into Windows in the virtual machine and put it in that mode that makes a program ran in Windows in VirtualBox appear as a window over your Linux desktop. Your Windows Start Bar will be right on top of your Linux panel. It's a pretty slick mode.

Then again, maybe someone will find a combo of winetricks to get this to work in WINE. For example, the dxd3d and vcrun2008 are two winetricks that often get games to work in WINE. Corefonts often helps as well. I know that you already tried dxd3d, but if you want to try the other two, I don't see how it could hurt anything, just don't get your hopes up.
Also, someone might find helpful dll overrides.

But the biggest hope for getting this to work in WINE is to try it with each new version of WINE as they come out. And if it doesn't work with a new version, you can play with winetricks and dll overrides to try to get it to work. Then you try the next version. Then tinker with that version. And the process repeats until it works. Then it still repeats to make it work better.

Keep your chin up,

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