[Wine] gta vice city not starting

Nicolo' nicolopiazzalunga at gmail.com
Sun Jul 3 04:55:20 CDT 2011

hello to everybody.
i'm using wine-1.2.2 on ubuntu 11.04. i've some troubles making the game
start: when i write on terminal "wine gta-vc.exe" nothing happens, while if
i press ctrl+c the game window comes out and it says me "unhandled
exception: c000013a At address: 68000830". note that before updating to
natty narwhal and reinstalling wine from application manager [as opposed to
source], everything worked, so i guess it's something to do with unity or
the update. before reinstalling wine from source and/or reinstalling the
game [i'm not going to reinstall the os], does anyone know how to solve this
in a painless way?

regards, n
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