[Wine] Re: Booting from a flash and need to install wine

bigt wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 4 22:13:33 CDT 2011

Thanks For your reply!

My goal is to boot to linux live cd from a flash and be able to use  TeamViewer. I need to install wine and save that instalation before I can install TeamViewer.
I have 2 problems I need to solve:

1. When booting to linux from live cd I need save changes some where, but I dont know how.  I installed wine, but couldnt save the installation. Also, the majotity of my 16gb flash is unused.

2. I know how to download Teamviewer, but do not know how to open the package.  I have synaptic package manager, but all documentation i'v found calls for "ubuntu software center"

Please comment

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