[Wine] Re: Antivirus for Mac Wine?

SpawnHappyJake wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 5 13:27:06 CDT 2011

I'll admit I'm not answering the initial question, but it's quite related to this thread.
I read on another forum that MacKeeper actually uses WINE! As in, it has WINE built into it to run parts of it. Kind of like Google Earth bundled in its own WINE to work in Linux. Reminds me of Winebottler.
Anyways, about the whole "can Mac/ Linx get malware?", that mindset melts away after you realize that your FIRMWARE (usually the BIOS or EFI) can get infected. That means you can have a computer without a hard drive, opical drive, floppy diskette, network drive, or tape drive, (or any other storage medium that I left out), let alone an operating system, can be infected. The actual chip on your motherboard can contain malware.

All non-firmware infections are very minor in comparison because you can just nuke your hard drive and it's gone. I would think an infected BIOS might not let you flash it. The you'll need to do a hotswap. If the BIOS chip is soldered to the motherboard that makes hotswapping quite the task.

These infections are very rare, so don't be paranoid.


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