[Wine] Sims 3 help

lixn wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 11 08:21:08 CDT 2011

Hey, Im new to wine and ubuntu and just downloaded wine (1.2.2-0ubuntu6). Im trying to install "the sims 3" (a game for windows/macOS). Here is what I do, and what happends:

1: I insert the CD.
2: I go to "my computer"
3: I click on the sims3 file or whatever it is.
4: "The SIMS(tm) 3 install.app"-folder shows up.
5: I right-click on it, and click "open with with wine for driving windows programs" or something. 6: A message pops up, saying "Error   Could not find the file" or something.

Could someone please tell me EXACTLY what to do? (I use ubuntu 10.04)

Thank you.

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