[Wine] Re: Pegasus Mail - runs slow - tuning wine?

Ace... wineforum-user at winehq.org
Tue Jul 12 11:24:10 CDT 2011

Sorry, but yes; the ver is 4.61.
on the flash screen it says 4.6.

I disabled the IE renderer cos it only works with IExplorer, and am using bearhtml, with the latest dll - as per recommendation.

I guess that the key must be to change wine to 1.3.24

It is clear that if you have found PM runs at good speed, then this must be the solution.

What is the upgrade procedure ie. must I uninstall PM then uninstall wine, then reverse?
and am i gonna have to do that every time there's an upgrade?
or can i just uninstall wine, and then install 1.3.......

re evolution
It was the self learning spam filter that i found so useful on pm, but i read from my other post that evolution has a spam filter.

maybe i should look at it.

thiing is that i have 12 years work in PM files.
Sure, as long as it works, i can load it up and copy paste email addresses, if evolution turns out to be a good package.

so far i found its handling of text, slightly bizarre, but i'm keeping an open mind.

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