[Wine] Sins of a solar Empire WINE?

smith123 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Jul 15 22:17:46 CDT 2011

I seem to be having trouble running Sins Trinity on my macbook pro. I have recently installed Wine, Winetricks, cabextract, and MacPorts. I ran the setup.exe from the install files and installed the game to C:/Program Files. When I run the exe from the directory created in program files, Wine starts up the game, but all that happens is a minidump and a black screen. I've played Sins before on other computers and know that a black screen is normal for up to 5 min when running the game for the first time, but I have waited twice that long and I can never even make it to the movie. Any help from experienced Wine users (this is my first experience with Wine and specific help is scarce) would be greatly appreciated.

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