[Wine] Forum software is rubbish.

Tim Hutt tdhutt at gmail.com
Sat Jul 16 05:48:35 CDT 2011


I just tried to register for the wine forum, and noticed several
really annoying things about the process:

1. The "Register" link is kind of hard to find. Normally it is just
next to the "Forgot password" link.
2. No SSL.
3. You emailed me my password! Argh! This is a terrible idea for
obvious reasons, and also implies:
4. Passwords aren't stored hashed. Seriously. Look up lulzsec.
5. I deleted the email that contained my password out of disgust,
forgetting that I need to activate the account. There's no way to
resend the activation email so now I cannot register.

Thankfully wine is much better than the steaming pile of dung that is phpbb!


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