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1.	Introduction :

Sanyo (http://www.gnn-components.com/SANYO_Semiconductor_Co___Ltd_-22-489.aspx) semicoductor have developed original analog technology, including analog IP, power-saving technology and other circuit technologies, and have made key contributions to numerous successful systems. Sanyo semicoductor draw on these strengths as a total solution provider for audio, video and power applications, and further, are concentrating our resources in analog IC products and discreet products including analog/digital mixed ICs, an area in which we are particularly competitive.
2.	Product Line :
SANYO_Motor Driver Ics
SANYO_Power Supply Ics
SANYO_Display Driver Ics
SANYO_Discrete Devives
SANYO_Flash Memory Products/ EEPROM
SANYO_Video Ics
SANYO_Audio Ics
SANYO_Data Communication Ics
SANYO_Op amp/ Comparator/ Driver Array
SANYO_Hybrid Ics
3.	Featured of Product :

SANYO Semiconductor IC Recorders (http://www.gnn-components.com/SANYO_Semiconductor_Co___Ltd_-22-489.aspx)
Peripheral include eMMC (boot operation mode supported), eSD, SD Card IF, MS IF. With Audio have hardwired MP3 encoder/ decoder, unique 24-bit DSP 24 – bit /96KHz linear PCM sampling supported.

SANYO Semiconductor Introduces 8-Bit USB Flash Microcontroller (http://www.gnn-components.com/SANYO_Semiconductor_Co___Ltd_-22-489.aspx)
The step-up circuit (charge pump) and step-down circuits (series regulator) incorporated in the LC87F1864A drives output voltage values of 5.0 volts (V), 3.0 V and 1.8 V, or the alteration of output voltage settings via an external resistor, thus enabling stable power supply to peripheral devices. With the addition of a Universal Asynchronous Receiver Transmitter (UART), the IC cards interface is fully compliant with ISO7816-3 standards. In addition to a wide variety of USB card reader products, the USB feature enables various types of data held on the IC card to be transmitted via USB to personal computers.

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