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1.	Introduction :
TDK´ (http://www.gnn-components.com/TDK_U_S_A__Corporation-22-443.aspx)s world-leading expertise in ferrite has yielded advanced electronic components, such as multi-layer ceramic capacitors and inductors. Focusing on miniaturization and surface mount requirements, TDK´s vast array of quality electronic components includes ferrite beads, transformers, piezoelectric products, filters,inductors, and a variety of other products.
2.	Product Line :
TDK | Thermistors - NTC (8)
TDK | Varistors (55)
TDK | Audio Indicators & Alerts (24)
TDK | CCFL Inverters & Accessories (36)
TDK | Antennas (2)
TDK | Audio & Signal Transformers (69)
TDK | Capacitor Arrays & Networks (113)
TDK | Ceramic Disc Capacitors (328)
TDK | Common Mode Inductors (Chokes) (389)
TDK | EMI Gaskets & Grounding Pads (15)
TDK | EMI/RFI Suppressors & Ferrites (478)
TDK | Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) - Leaded (508)
TDK | Multilayer Ceramic Capacitors (MLCC) - SMD/SMT (3029)
TDK | Power Inductors (1202)
TDK | Resonators (46)
TDK | RF Inductors (619)
TDK | Signal Conditioning (67)
TDK | Specialty Ceramic Capacitors (56)
TDK | DC/DC Converters & Regulators (3)
TDK | Transformers (11)
TDK | Industrial Humidity Sensors (4)
3.	Featured of Product :

TDK MCZ Series Common Mode Chokes (http://www.gnn-components.com/TDK_U_S_A__Corporation-22-443.aspx)
The TDK MCZ Series Common Mode Chokes are compact and multilayer for filtering EMI on high-speed differential signal lines. By providing a wide bandwidth for differential mode, the MCZ Series has almost no effect for high-speed differential signals and can suppress the radiated emission. Applications for the TDK MCZ Series Common Mode Chokes include high speed interface (LVDS and USB2.0) in electronic devices, digital cellular phones, PCs, DSCs, and portable game machines. Available in case sizes 1210 and 2010.

TDK ZJYS Series Common Mode SMD Filters (http://www.gnn-components.com/TDK_U_S_A__Corporation-22-443.aspx)
TDK's ZJYS Series of Common Mode SMD Filters offer distortion-free noise removal from transmitted signals and are optimized for transmission of high quality signals. TDK's ZJYS Series Common Mode SMD Filters are the bestfilters for countering the common mode noise resulting from data signal processing by PCs, phone equipment, and more. Their SMD-type design allows easy surface mounting, and due to a maximum current tolerance of 2A, they can also be used to counter power line noise. Ideal applications for the ZJYS Series Common Mode SMD Filters are personal computers, telephones, LANs, ISDNs, digital PBXs, electronic games, CTVs, CD-ROM drives, 8mm video equipment, and other electronic devices.

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