[Wine] Re: Wine registration email - system failure

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Jul 20 07:51:48 CDT 2011

Martin Gregorie wrote:
> ]It means that spam that appears on the Wine users mailing list is being
> input through web forum software at Codeweavers.
> It also appears that more of the Wine project is hosted by Codeweavers
> than I realised. The headers indicate that they host the Wine forums and
> mailing lists.

Obviously you've never visited the website. Every page has a "Hosted by Codeweavers" logo on it. The Crossover forum does not feed into the wine-user's mailing list; the header you cited came from the wine user's forum. 

Yes, we get lots of spam here. We delete from the forum as soon as we see it, but by then it's already gone to the mailing list. 

> General consensus seems to be that keeping spammers out of forums is the
> best approach. I can't recall getting spam from a mail list or forum
> that uses an e-mail challenge/response system as part of the sign-up
> process.

You've gotten spam from this one, and the signup process clearly includes an email challenge/response--that's what this poster is having a problem with. In addition, to weed out bots, the signup process requires the person to answer a question about the history of the Wine project.
The reality is that our spammers are real human beings, and there's no way to prevent them from signing up without blocking legitimate users too.

Not long ago Dan mentioned in a thread (I forget which one) that the forum software is going to be upgraded to a version with better spam control features. Maybe that will help.

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