[Wine] Salvage old data?

John Drescher drescherjm at gmail.com
Mon Jul 25 16:05:35 CDT 2011

>        I need to know *what* files to copy, and especially whether
> anything in any of them might be the cause of my lost ability to
> get the GPSs to talk to the software.
Ask Garmin that.

>        I do have one clue whether the loss of this ability came from
> something in Wine, or in Garmin, or what. That is that the new installs
> on the virtual XP under VirtualBox came from the exact same CDs and DVDs
> as the ones that so soon failed under Wine. (That's why it seems good
> sense to ask here.)
>        For instance, if I make it a point *not* to copy any .exe files,
> am I then safe?? How about .ini? .sys? .Ink? .wix?
>        How about folders that have one or more .exe files several levels
> down? Ditto for scripts?
>        Is there any way, especially any canonical way, to find out why a
> program that once worked under Wine ceases to work? Or to specify that
> any .zzz file (for some zzz), and only such files, can be map data, and
> therefore harmless at worst?

Updates to wine could have broken your application.

>        I don't think it could be file corruption, because I tried the
> same things on at least four PCs. All worked at first, and all soon
> ceased to. (I'm the only user in this house of GPS software, and can't
> use it on more than one machine at a time. Garmin understood that when I
> asked.)

When you talked to them did you ask them how to copy the data? The
wine user forum is not the place to ask how to copy / export / import
data from applications to other installs of the same application.


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