[Wine] Brave love to be courageous points

linda wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 25 22:00:00 CDT 2011

Your world on others, also requires courage.
You lost love. Behind closed doors, wall thinking too.can’t sleep every night, red eyes, thin Acacia, tired no energy to speak.you remember the tory burch handbag (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/2/) he sent to you before.but now,except the bag,you have northing.
You forgot to forget him.
Romance is a converse, a person you do not come, someone must give you your heart, and this person is the person you most care about, otherwise harmless. Romance kind of thing is really strange, no matter how good people, many bad people control you are rich and poor and lowly, he served as beautiful as you are, who get away, all the strokes, for everyone. Did you love him, despite all the worldly pressures and resistance, thousands of miles, ends of the earth are willing to follow him.but now,maybe he already forgot you,forgot all of the thing and all about you.maybe,he already throught thebasketball shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/357/) you sent him before,then,he like it very much,he said,because this is the gift you send me,So,I like it,all of the gifts you send me I like very much.
Did you meet him, such as glass meets the sun, shining a reflection of the future.
Did you first intersection with his eyes, only one, one, you will fall in love with him, their eyes no longer willing to move away.
You are determined to hand deliver the original to his palm, the name of love. That as long as there is love, all is not a problem, everything is perfect.
Later. We all know that, then you did have a sweet deep time.but all of these,just for before.you see the cheap nike shoes ( http://www.picktonike.com/),you choose this one before,because you don’t want to waste the money.because you don’t have enough money before.
Your daytime appointments, hand in hand, Qianshan evening to remember when the road is not snow, would like to sincerely finish this life. Every day you phone, SMS, QQ, EMAIL, MSN, and not miss any media platform, just want to hear him say a word, to know him a little more information. Where the person he is, what kind of kid children, naughty you, listen you, homework okay, like how the first type of a girl, what were his family, he likes to wear what color and style of clothes, His shoes are a few yards, he usually see who the film, he can eat spicy food, is he pumping what brand of cigarettes, his work well, is he happy?I find a boy wear edhardy clothes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/265/),but he is another boy. The years have made him not lonely people?
You ask yourself, this world except you, his name is also more gentle evocative lips from whom?
That must be the wrong time.
You love. Tired anxious every minute together, sleep when looked his arm, staring at him awake when green beard stubble on the chin bar. You like a baby, swing arms around his neck, you lie, gently hop disc live his legs back, hanging on him.
So no wine, but you drunk. Space for, the time old, time has changed, you believe that he loves you is true.you willing to wash his dirty cheap polo shirts (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/270/), plain hand praise soup. Lighted, and so he came home from your balcony. Spread joy up, do you think this world who call you a fit, nice. You say, my dear, next life you do not change the name, so I find you easier. But you forget, my dear, you gave him, where he installed? He can put the next? He is a senior, he was rich, he is the common people, he was sweeping the street, he is a beggar, my dear, he is good, his essence in the final analysis was a common man. He is a man. Man is flesh and blood, requires too much unnecessary. Some advantages of other men he has, the shortcomings of other men like him either. Love you too, and would overwhelm him, not so in love with him, not so in love.the gucci men shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/397/)can wash by himself somethime.
Love people respect each other's personality complete with each other without restraint, when feeling temperament incompatible, or because of the current situation of the barriers, breaking up is inevitable, not reluctantly. True love, even if no results, should also be nostalgic. When people love to deep loneliness. You obviously are with him, but you still can not determine his eyes to the heart of all you read. He and another woman talking and laughing, your heart a little bit cold start. Because those who smile and look you exclusively. You begin to look at his phone records, you find clues to suspect he comes home late, you fuss, you ask for it, you finally own defeat. Do you think he does not love you like they once did.you look the tom ford sunglasses (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/139/),the tears out.
He no longer cares about you no appetite, no longer have feelings for you and anxious, no longer worry about your rent is not enough, the rain no longer worry about you because you are sick. He said numerous love you and if the phone no longer rang.
You test, you struggle, you stay, you finally force him personally and tell you I'm sorry.
The next sentence, is breaking up.
Next stop is goodbye.
You straight in the face of him, and he said we break up. He said all my fault. You ask him why. He said there is no why. You give me a reason. He said that if you really want, I'll give you fabricate one.you want to change yourself,you use the ghd straightener (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/162/),make your hair changed.
So you cry. Your tears can no longer be burned with his heart. Any of you are crying down the Great Wall, he did not change his mind. He looked at you blankly, he said I go. He finally disappearing beyond your sight. You pat the chest, said to myself, okay okay, all right all right. This time, you know, he is saying true. Turn put an end to all loving, he is not your person. You know, you finally lost him. He said that after breaking up. You have two ways to go.
Or desperately want him bad, he's ruthless, he poor hygiene, his teeth snoring sleep talking in your sleep, he did not taste, he likes to drive like a red light with dirty talk, he never to introduce you to his friends and family, He is a villain, is a jerk, a fool, a liar, are feeling kind, discarding, he took you to heaven and push you to hell.like nike free shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/407/),but you hate it.
Then you still have to pull ourselves together, weak and hypocritical for everyone says okay. You have to put a person joy, romance is definitely not something you can show off. You know. Either you Sijin good memories of him. Although he is a stranger, but not a dead end. He was so gentle on you. His extensive resume nourish your emotions. He brings you happiness is far greater than sorrow. He then bad, then unbearable, he even promised the things you did not do, he said, and you should love life, do not blame him, really, after all, he loved you wholeheartedly that you always have merit. Do not Meixin denied all of his good.you also can remember the chanel handbags (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/32/)he sent to you on your birthday.
It was not his fault, you right, it would be wrong not people in the two right place at the right time to meet on.

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