[Wine] I want this kind of happiness

linda wineforum-user at winehq.org
Mon Jul 25 21:56:43 CDT 2011

20 years old - so big that small is not small, young, mature and sensible from the worldly to the transition, the transformation from rebellious to the law-abiding lives, the responsibility, the face of the future, the choice of Life ... then,we wear the  nike running shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/407/) running on the basketball ground,we feel so happy.and now,we have so many troubled.
20 years old, the personality is stronger this time, the young and fit, Xingaoqiao, full of strong and fearless and momentum, but just cause is zero, except for a dream the other nothing, everything is the starting point. Can do is ready to go hard running in the unknown future.
Ideal is noble, self-esteem is priceless, fighting passionate, ambitions, has chosen the reality is cruel, often severely hit by life, and have lamented the dream that after all just a dream. Which is contradictory mood, in addition to that crash resignation, do not know what to say.I begin to remember the time all of us wear the best basketball shoes (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/357/) play together.
Even so, it always has an unyielding passion and self-adhere to the toughness.
Asked many people many times, love in the end what is, after all, an answer can not answer into my heart. I want in the end is kind of love? Weave so many rules, but also always tell a specific, but very firmly believe there must be something. Until reading dwelling, to see Beckham, from the moment I know what I want.
Say, to find their own favorite world like their own and tied the knot up to the old love very little, almost zero, but even very little, but she is still there, is not it?we also can find so many examples. I began to miss those once pure love, there is no conflict of interests, not too many hypocrites. That's we like to imitate adults to wear the  edhardy shirts (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/265/), Hope we can become like them mature. But still can not cover his face was always a bit childish.
Say so much about the heavy burden behind, the more profound the more no good feelings, the more persistent feelings of lose more miserable. So I have to compromise too, will too, had to obey, just listen to the reality of family arrangements, do not think so much, find it almost married, and then isolate all live their lives. But is not smooth, it may not come from intention to do so, very happy, so the result is bound to it! Cursory understanding of a group of people like, and then hurried pass, and occasionally had to stay, but they failed to dock, to miss the people I can only say at the wrong time.now,we can pay more attention to the gucci shoes sale (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/397/),because shopping can change our mind when we feel sad.
No emotional foundation to talk about what marriage does, Qugelaopo themselves do not like to marry a husband, listening to feel ridiculous. But feelings can be developed, it is true! There is a phrase called soon fell in love, over time, will always have feelings, just tell are nothing of love or affection. Love at first sight in today's society is zero credibility in my eyes. Say that there must be a successful woman behind a successful man, there must be a successful man behind a successful woman, I think this is not because men and women behind how good their own pluripotent, but they are from each other's body to be a spiritual support and motivation to forge ahead, an invisible force to support each other, spur, inspire, totter, even the greatest difficulty is also firmly forward, and this power only from the most beloved lover Where to get. tom ford glasses (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/139/) can get from them?
again and again suspected certainly must have such a love, just the wrong time, I have not run into.  have a favorable factors, I find happiness. Or everything is not right, but I personally just tired, and want to settle, time to dock there, so also, that they will be happy now, I hope it will.
For love, I consistently believe that, as always, look forward to.
Mom and Dad are not commensurate with the two extreme personalities who come together, I think of a word, the original character of people can vary so much, really like this.In that time,the boy like the girl who always wear the beautiful dress,and thechanel bags (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/32/).and now,some people change thire mind.
What is the vision of someone, their parents or matchmaker's about? Family background conditions? Human capacity and financial resources? Good match? Actually know too much? Both parents to see people from all makes sense ... I know, I really know everything.but my love, my marriage I have to themselves, and I believe I won’t choose the wrong person. Mom said, I kind of advantage, disadvantage is too good, you stubborn it, you know someday suffer a regret. Words can not say I feel a bit faint. Have asked yourself, you want to get married, really, want to, but not, did not know their own faith or no confidence in others. Now, I'm fit to get married? Not suitable.because I don’t know how to use the ghd (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/162/).I’m afreid I can’t do better for my family.
Spaced too confused for so long, did not find the direction. Want to get married once, and then make money and shop with her husband, close relatives and friends are all over this, passing such a model, I am no exception, I think the future will still be this way, because this road is the only business shortcut to make money the most glorious. I do not recognize my vanity, I do not love money, but I know life must be for money, poor and lowly misery is the truth, I also know that the money earned on our own, will not come out of the. People around the eyes always feel inferior work, I also think so, but the working day, into the office, access to that kind of environment, numbness, nerve stimulation was shocked, and almost ideal for the resurgence of frozen.not all of the people can wear the polo shirt (http://www.picktonike.com/html/product/270/). Work is graded!
God is fair, give us a whole lifetime to do something, stick to anything of unsuccessful management. I always do things the best and worst, things do not Taimian Jiang, need’t to drop down in the valley, very happy but also sad it health, life, no matter what to keep a calm sense of balance is the most important.

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