[Wine] Re: Unhandled Page Fault

jjmckenzie wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 5 17:08:54 CDT 2011

MMoran wrote:
> I've encountered a problem that I've no idea how to solve, attempting to run a few different things in wine now. Exact specifics vary with what I'm trying to run, but I get the error:
> Any ideas?

I have lots of ideas.  One idea that is great is to read the LAST sticky and then post messages.  I'll give you a summary:

1.  Tell us what program you are trying to run.  If it is a home-built program tell us what you used to build it with (VS2010, Delphi, FoxPro, dBase Pro...)
2.  Tell us what Linux distribution you are using, version and if you have updated it.
3.  Tell us what video card and drivers you are using (this really matters when you are using a graphically intense program and not all of them are games.)
4.  Give us the ENTIRE output from the Terminal.  If it is too big (more than one screen in length) copy it out to a text file and upload that file to a site like pastebin.com and then post the URL (including all of the letters/numbers at the end).  
5.  BE PATIENT.  Some errors are easy to figure out, some take time and some may need to be investigated through the use of a trial/demo.
6.  BEFORE POSTING, look at the Applications Database.  See if your program is there and if there are any how-tos/work-arounds.  Try them.
7.  If you do all of this, and the problem persists, post a message here after SEARCHING the forums.  Some one else may have had your problem and fixed it.

James McKenzie

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