[Wine] Disabling a gamepad

rufsketch1 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Jun 5 18:21:48 CDT 2011

I'm using a ps3 gamepad to play windows games using wine, and in almost every game tried (devil may cry 4, grid wars, trackmania nations forever), wine does some ridiculous thing with constantly making everything go left. (I imagine it's an issue with the left thumbstick mapping. I  have tried with multiple PS3 controllers and can confirm it's not a hardware issue). 

Anyway, the going left thing is really awful and makes games that require a gamepad almost unplayable. If I could fix the constantly going left thing I would be the happiest of campers, but I've resigned myself to just mapping keyboard inputs using QJoyPad and hoping for the best in games where analog support is required. 

However, it seems that in some games (Trackmania Nations Forever) mapping keyboard input results in both wine using the controller to constantly go left and also to register the keyboard inputs that I've mapped the gamepad to. So Trackmania will know for example that square means brake an right trigger means accelerate because I've mapped  them to the down and up arrows respectively, but the car will still go left because WINE is all like "hey a controller! let's make everything go left!"

Is  there any way to hide the gamepad from WINE entirely so that I can just use the keyboard inputs and not have wine worry about the gamepad?

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