[Wine] e-sword and other serious applications via wine

James E. Lang jim at lang.hm
Thu Mar 3 07:37:31 CST 2011

I realize that this is not exactly the right forum for this but here is my two 
cents worth of comment about how e-sword now performs through Wine:

My Linux Distro is Kubuntu 10.10. My Wine version is 1.3.14. I run version 
9.8.3 of e-sword. I use none of the separate e-sword modules that must be 
purchased. The web site for e-sword recommends using Crossover from Code 
Weavers instead of Wine. I can't afford to spend that money so I use Wine.

The only problems I have encountered with this combination are the graphics 
modules (maps etc.) don't display. Neither does the list of modules that have 
been selected for download. In place of both of these, there is simply a gray 
field displayed. Rick Meyers (author of e-sword) advised me to use the 
development branch of Wine to get by a startup problem that exists in the 
"stable" version of Wine. Aside from the display issue associated with 
downloads, the download procedure operates just fine. The Bible passages, 
commentary selections, and Bible dictionary entries all display as I would 
expect them to. Though I do not read either Hebrew or Greek, I have the Hebrew 
and Greek bible modules installed. It appears that I need a special font for 
each of these languages but that I don't have the fonts on my computer so this 
does not work. I don't think that is Wine's fault.

Other applications that I run from time to time that use Wine are Pegasus Mail, 
Note Tab Light, Kindle for PC (all of which work as intended), and ies4linux 
which reports a couple of seemingly very serious problems during startup but 
otherwise seems to work moderately well.

Some day I may try a game that is not on the official list of applications that 
work with Wine -- but not yet.


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