[Wine] Re: Crysis 2 Demo Working

winefan62 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 5 18:43:06 CST 2011

Why asking support when it work perfect with PlayOnLinux and whithout need of this winetricks sh*t.

What "normal" (non geek) people want is user-friendly softwares, that's why I fully support PlayOnLinux and recommand it to any Linux user I know.

If people want dirty "old-school" way so be it, then can use wine+winetrick (and don't tell vanilla wine, POL use vanilla wine too, only very few games need wine patches to work as expected), if they want easy and usefull way, they use PlayOnLinux.

It's only a matter of choice. When a bug come and it's identified as "wine side" bug, POL team invite users to report them here...and each time users get pushed away "because they not use only wine"...Very funny from my point of view...

Well, it was discusted millions of time so no need to do it again. Users are free to use what they want, including PlayOnLinux/winetricks/bordeau/ect..., that's the beauty of the "free software" world :)

The only usefull info here is : Crysis 2 demo work pretty fine with current wine so we can expect full game working good too so enjoy [Twisted Evil]

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