[Wine] Crysis 2 Demo Working

James McKenzie jjmckenzie51 at gmail.com
Sun Mar 6 08:45:32 CST 2011

On 3/5/11 5:43 PM, winefan62 wrote:
> Why asking support when it work perfect with PlayOnLinux and whithout need of this winetricks sh*t.
Because we do not and cannot support PlayOnLinux, it is that simple.  We 
don't control it and it does not control the Wine project.

Yes, we communicate with each other.

Now, why winetricks?  Because if you ever read the complete End User 
Agreement for ANY Microsoft software, most of what is needed to make 
most programs function cannot be re-distributed with Wine and, if we 
could, it would make the Wine package HUGE.  This would make it just 
about impossible to distribute.  That is why we have winetricks.

You are always free to use POL, but if you encounter problems, you will 
have to go to POL for assistance.  And the developers for POL/POM have 
agreed this is best for both projects (there was a lengthy thread on the 
Wine Development list regarding this.)  This is also true for any of the 
other third party Wine products such as Cedega and WineBottler (a Mac 

Oh, and POL does 'automatically' what winetricks does manually.  They 
retrieve appropriate packages from Microsoft and elsewhere and install 
them on your system.  Winetricks Alpha is trying to do the automatic 
downloads as well and will be supported by the developers for winetricks.

James McKenzie

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