[Wine] Graphics Issues in HL2:EP2

Quix0r wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 9 08:26:08 CST 2011

In a very early map part (that one where you fight alongside a Vortigaunt) I have found some graphics issues in latest GIT/wine. For instance, here is a video recorded with my small digital cam:


And here is a light that shines through the wall:


The next one shows a lot (buffer-related?) artifacts. You can see them before the loading process. And one more thing. But first the video:


One to the one thing. When I first started a new game and headed down to that area where you have fight (hundreds!) of "bugs", all areas where a light source is, are light. Buf if I load a save-game (with the same map) the areas with light sources are a lot darker. It might not be very visible in that video, but trust me, it is there. :) You can see it when you play it.

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