[Wine] Couple wine development questions

ischou wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Mar 9 09:10:09 CST 2011

I'm not a developer but there are a few aspects of wine that I'm interested in.  I've searched around, but can't really find answers to my questions.

First of all, it appears that wine-dev's only use mailing lists as their primary means of communications.  This forum is labeled "Wine Users", so probably the wrong place to ask, but there's no "Wine Developers" forum...

Anyhow, if I'm off topic, just ignore me.

So, regarding minimizing windows.  It appears to me (though I'm not really sure if this is the case or just my perception) that many games and 3D intensive programs on Windows XP reduce their CPU usage when you minimize their window.  It appears that Windows or maybe the graphics card drivers notices that the window is minimized and that it doesn't need to flip the off-screen buffers to the window or screen, then skips that operation for a tiny savings in CPU.

Does Wine do this or would it be hard or potentially dangerous to do this in Wine (ie, such a change could break lots of currently working apps)?  I admit that my observations are not very scientific.  I haven't actually measured CPU load, just looked at my XP Task Manager's graph.  I'm just noticing the CPU spike when I run some Windows apps when I run Wine and instead of having to quit my programs, it would be nice to have some way to "minimize" them (both physically and CPU usage).

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