[Wine] Couple wine development questions

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Mar 9 14:56:30 CST 2011

On 2011-03-09 (March, Wednesday) 19:16:46 ischou wrote:
> Well, in the case of some games, doing what is essentially a "Control-S"
> often will lock up the game or disconnect the game from the internet (if
> that is the case).  In some apps (like 3D rendering apps) I can start a
> render, and minimize the window.  The program is still doing the
> computations, but my computer fan doesn't blow as low and the CPU load
> seems to fall a bit.  Most of these programs run great in Wine (just as
> fast, if not faster than in XP), but the CPU usage seems higher.  This all
> could just be my imagination.

	Well, if you don't want to stop your program(s) then I give you answer to 
your original question: yes, minimizing Windows application under Wine (or even 
switching to another desktop without actually minimizing it) will reduce CPU 
usage in *some* cases. It depends on your application.

	For example, Metrader 4: when it is online and updating almost every 
second information on my screen it will obviously use CPU but if I go to 
another desktop, CPU usage will go down a bit.

	Do you have a problem with particular application?

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