[Wine] Re: Couple wine development questions

ischou wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Mar 10 09:06:09 CST 2011

Nothing specific, no.  I just noticed on my dual-boot machine that the same program running when booted in XP uses some amount of CPU but not 100%, but when I run it in Wine the same program pegs one of my cores at 100% and causes the computer fan to spin like a jet engine.

So far, my experience is that if a program works at all in Wine, it runs great, sometimes even faster than native but seems to use a lot of CPU.  Just wondering if there are ways to "calm down" the CPU usage without sacrificing all that great performance.  I'd prefer not to "nice -n19 wine program.exe"

This could all just be a "perception" difference and that windows is less aggressive about cooling my system than "apm" does or something.  Well, asked and answered.  Thanks.

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