[Wine] Couple wine development questions

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Thu Mar 10 14:01:41 CST 2011

On 2011-03-10 (March, Thursday) 15:06:09 ischou wrote:
> Just wondering if there are ways to "calm down" the CPU usage without
> sacrificing all that great performance.  I'd prefer not to "nice -n19 wine
> program.exe"
> This could all just be a "perception" difference and that windows is less
> aggressive about cooling my system than "apm" does or something.  Well,
> asked and answered.  Thanks.

	So your actual problem is that your computer is too noisy when CPU usage 
is high? Then I recommend you to check CPU and motherboard temperature 
when your CPU usage is high. If temperatures are well below recommended maximum 
you can decrease maximum RPM of your most noisy fan(s). Then check 
temperatures again after 20-30 min. to make sure nothing gets overheated.

	Note: ideal temperature for all computer components is much lower than 
recommended maximum temperature, this is why it is good idea to let your fans 
work at max RPM to prolong life of your computer. However if you 
really bothered by the noise you can decrease maximum RPM of your most noisy 
fan(s) as I explained above but this may (or may not) reduce lifespan of your 

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