[Wine] Re: wine and wine-preloader segfault when running Evernote 4.2.2

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Fri Mar 11 09:35:24 CST 2011

mcq wrote:
> with the "err:wgl:is_extension_supported No OpenGL extensions found, check if your OpenGL setup is correct!" line repeated exactly 100 times, 

I downloaded Evernote and tested it in Wine 1.3.15, 32 bit system, nvidia 260.19.29 driver. I get the same message about OpenGL in the console (and I know my OpenGL is set up correctly), but Evernote doesn't crash on my system. 

It is pretty slow to render; that's consistent with what's been reported for it in the AppDB. There are also several bug reports about the slowness. 

Since I tested a newer version of both Evernote and Wine, my first suggestion is to upgrade both, and if the problem persists, post the complete terminal output to pastebin.com, and post a link here.

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