[Wine] Re: wine and wine-preloader segfault when running Evernote 4.2.2

mcq wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sat Mar 12 15:06:02 CST 2011

Thank you for the response. I tried half of your suggestion and uninstalled then updated Evernote to the latest release ( that you got working. Still the exact same console errors and crashes.

Regarding updating Wine to the next point-release, I read the release notes and the updates/fixes applied do not sound related to my problem. I will wait until some kindly soul updates Wine to 1.3.15 in the Fedora Updates repository before giving it a try. It is not worth it to me yet to go through the trouble of building Wine from source and risk it breaking one of my working Wine applications.

I appreciate your effort to get Evernote working and I am actually quite glad to hear it does work for some people. That means all is not lost for my being able to run Evernote some day in the future. It is a great application/platform. For now, I suspect there is something either with the Fedora 14 system or something else on my system that is crashing Evernote. Most people who report success running Evernote under Wine report they are using Ubuntu. Logic tells me the distro shouldn't matter, but who knows.


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