[Wine] Re: Intalling WINE through source and WINETRICKS

dimesio wineforum-user at winehq.org
Sun Mar 20 15:47:25 CDT 2011

3246251196 wrote:
> I installed WINE 1.3.15 by compiling the source code for it (because I had to apply a patch to WINE for a game). However, because of the installation through the terminal I now do not get the full WINE folder that appears in Applications>WINE;
> At the minute, Applications > WINE > Programs > whateverIHaveInstalled. Before, when I installed via UBUNTU SOFTWARE CENTER, it installed the full menu including wine tricks.
> How do I know if I have wine tricks installed, and is there anyway to get the menu back to the one that includes Winetricks, Winetricks Alpha, Wine Config etc etc.

Winetricks is not part of wine, nor does plain Wine add menu items for itself. Both of those things were added by your distro to its packages. If you compiled Wine yourself, you have to download winetricks yourself, and add menu items for things like winecfg yourself.

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