[Wine] more than 16 bit audio

jordan triplesquarednine at gmail.com
Thu Mar 24 21:10:25 CDT 2011

Hi Trevor,

> Curiously, the files I record in WINE (using Adobe Audition 3.0) play just
> fine using Audacity on the same Linux host.  But, playback within WINE is
> the problem.  Adjusting the buffer size in .asoundrc affects the distortion,
> but I've not been able to fix the problem.
> Any suggestions?  Or, should I file this as a bug for dsound in wine?

The distortion you are hearing are no doubt x-runs, in my mind. the
audio isn't getting to the system outputs (soundcard), from your app
fast enough. Your options are to either give it a bigger buffer/frames
size (which it looks like you have already done?)...

...or i would suggest not using the "directsound" driver, but instead
using wineASIO/jack.

however, i have never tested Adobe audition under linux or with
WineASIO, for that matter. (i haven't used it since it was Cooledit
pro, a long time ago). Obviously though, if you end up thinking about
running wineASIO, you will need to setup Jack-audio-connection-kit and
also have either a rt-kernel or a low-latency kernel.

I don't think the Directsound in Wine, is going to be good enough for
using a DAW like Adobe Audition, especially if you plan on using 96000
sample rate, and possibly live-effects or multi-tracking, to some
degree??? that just seems very unlikely to work well.

I use lots of windows pro-audio apps in wine, all of which i use with Jack.
My tascam Us-122L (usb2.0) soundcard supports 96000 ~ it works very
well with my Wine/audio apps. But, i also run an optimized RT-like
kernel.  If i didn't, i would probably run into xruns / distortion and
other unwanted audio glitches.

that's my 2 cents


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