[Wine] more than 16 bit audio

Trevor Bowen trevorbowen at gmail.com
Fri Mar 25 22:32:15 CDT 2011

Hi Jordan,

I tried using JACK, and I had no problem playing back a 96 kHz / 32-bit wav
file that I recorded previously.  Everything was much more responsive in
Adobe Audition.  Thanks for the suggestion!

The only problem that cropped up was that the JACK inputs were missing.  No
devices were available for recording!

I wonder if something is wrong with my .asoundrc file for JACK?  Do you see
anything wrong with my .asoundrc file that I posted previously?

I assume you are using JACK with ALSA?  Do you mind sharing your system and
user .asoundrc files?  What is the command-line invocation you are using to
begin JACK?

Do you have doc or url that describes the kernel mods you have made for
realtime performance?  I've made some, but I doubt it's very well tuned. 
Here are the urls I used:





On 03/24/2011 09:10 PM, jordan wrote:
> Hi Trevor,
>> Curiously, the files I record in WINE (using Adobe Audition 3.0) play just
>> fine using Audacity on the same Linux host.  But, playback within WINE is
>> the problem.  Adjusting the buffer size in .asoundrc affects the distortion,
>> but I've not been able to fix the problem.
>> Any suggestions?  Or, should I file this as a bug for dsound in wine?
> The distortion you are hearing are no doubt x-runs, in my mind. the
> audio isn't getting to the system outputs (soundcard), from your app
> fast enough. Your options are to either give it a bigger buffer/frames
> size (which it looks like you have already done?)...
> ...or i would suggest not using the "directsound" driver, but instead
> using wineASIO/jack.
> however, i have never tested Adobe audition under linux or with
> WineASIO, for that matter. (i haven't used it since it was Cooledit
> pro, a long time ago). Obviously though, if you end up thinking about
> running wineASIO, you will need to setup Jack-audio-connection-kit and
> also have either a rt-kernel or a low-latency kernel.
> I don't think the Directsound in Wine, is going to be good enough for
> using a DAW like Adobe Audition, especially if you plan on using 96000
> sample rate, and possibly live-effects or multi-tracking, to some
> degree??? that just seems very unlikely to work well.
> I use lots of windows pro-audio apps in wine, all of which i use with Jack.
> My tascam Us-122L (usb2.0) soundcard supports 96000 ~ it works very
> well with my Wine/audio apps. But, i also run an optimized RT-like
> kernel.  If i didn't, i would probably run into xruns / distortion and
> other unwanted audio glitches.
> that's my 2 cents
> jordan

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