[Wine] more than 16 bit audio

Trevor Bowen trevorbowen at gmail.com
Sun Mar 27 20:40:54 CDT 2011

Hi Jordan,

> Not sure. What is your soundcard?  Can you record audio files with
> Linux apps, with ALSA and/or Jack??? (this would indicate that indeed
> your .asoundrc is working.  when using jack, do you have Qjackctl
> installed, or maybe patchage? - these apps will provide a GUI for
> jack, and maybe your inputs are available to send to Wine/Audition
> 3.0...?   are you using "full duplex" in both your Wine application
> (preferences?) and also Jack?

Even though I am experiencing problems with WINE+JACK, I can record in 
Audacity using JACK at 32-bit and 96 kHz, so I don't really think there is a 
problem with JACK or ALSA.  However, I've come to learn that WINE can be 
more picky than native Linux apps, as I have been able to record at the 
highest quality that my soundcard offers in Linux-native Audacity for some 
time.  Previously, I was able to tweak my .asoundrc to make WINE happy and 
record from ALSA, so I am guessing that there is something that I am missing 
to make WINE happy with JACK+ALSA too.

Incidentally, I am using an Echo Mia PCI soundcard, which is a 24-bit/96 kHz 
entry-level prosumer card.

I have QJackCtl installed, but outside of the obvious "start", "stop", and 
"messages" button, I'm not sure how to make real connections or do any 
debugging. ...  Again, since recording and playback through JACK work 
natively in Linux, I'm more suspicious of WINE and possibly my .asoundrc 
file, so I haven't explored QJackCtl in depth yet.

> I assume you know about Gentoo's Pro-audio Overlay???  ~  google it.
> (because you are using gentoo right?).
> anyway, give me a day or so and I will send a few links, and how i
> personally go about things. I don't use Gentoo but have, and from
> using BSD ~ i am fairly familiar with it. You will basically either
> want to compile an RT-kernel, or a very recent Kernel (i currently am
> running, combined with BFS scheduler ( which can work quite
> well, for audio stuff ), and optimize a few other
> things, as well.

I recently learned about the Gentoo pro-audio overlay, and I must admit I'm 
a little leery of injecting any unnecessary instabilities into my system.  
My audio work is limited to tape digitization and restoration.  I have no 
musical ability to speak of, so I really don't need the low latency or MIDI 
support, like people who play and record. ... However, if I need to use the 
pro-audio overlay to use Adobe Audition (or better) than I'm more than 
willing to jump in.  If you think wineASIO+JACK will be more helpful or 
stable than JACK alone, I'll give it a try.

Thanks for the offer to send tidbits on your JACK invocation and .asoundrc 


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