[Wine] Is there anything blocking wine apps from network access?

fredand44 wineforum-user at winehq.org
Thu Nov 3 11:30:20 CDT 2011


I run Mandriva 2010 with wine 1.2.

I installed Philips Media Connect. (Projects computer screen to TV)
How ever it says that it do not got the network interface avaible, so it do not work for me.

>From Philips support thet said that I should turn off the firewalls.
(I did not mention that I used Linux )

My firewall is off, accept everything/no fire wall in my settings.

So there seems to be something fishy with the network connection.

All apps from Linux works fine like firefox.

So I ttried to install IE 7 under wine.
It does not either get any network connection.

What do you think guys, what might stopping my wine apps reach the network/internet?

Best regards

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