[Wine] Re: How to get my applications visible under Programs?

paulkruger wineforum-user at winehq.org
Wed Nov 9 09:53:26 CST 2011

My problem is resolved on two accounts.

I did a delete program for IE8, Downloaded the installer for IE7 from Microsoft and WINE installed it.  IE7 is working okay. 

That said, the site IE was needed for appears to choke when trying to use IE from Linux/Wine and keeps redirecting me effectively locking me out of the MLS.

After a long try with their tech support they told me they had a new cross-browser Flash based access which worked great in Firefox.  It is just now ready to roll out but had not been publicized to MLS users yet.

Since they are now cross-platform ( including smart phones ) the problem is solved and I no longer need IE at all.   But I have it anyway.

Thanks much.  Had I known about the new MLS site this would never have been a problem.  *sigh*

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