[Wine] BDGest failing to connect to collection.mdb

Michel Normand michel_mno at laposte.net
Thu Nov 3 15:49:01 CDT 2011

Hello there
I have installed BDGest 6.0 3i on my Ubuntu 11.10 with Wine 1.3.31.
The application is started but before to display its  GUI, it is 
reporting a popup message:
"La connexion a la source de donnees C:\Program Files\BDGest 
Evolution\collection.mdb a echoue"
which translation could be:
"the connexion to the data file C:\Program Files\BDGest 
Evolution\collection.mdb has failed"

The few trace elements that are displayed in my openned terminal are 
reported below:
$env WINEPREFIX="/home/michel/.wine" wine C:\\Program\ Files\\BDGest\ 
err:ole:CoGetClassObject class {6c736db1-bd94-11d0-8a23-00aa00b58e10} 
not registered
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object 
{6c736db1-bd94-11d0-8a23-00aa00b58e10} could be created for context 0x1
fixme:appbar:SHAppBarMessage unknown msg: 4
fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETSTATE): stub
fixme:appbar:handle_appbarmessage SHAppBarMessage(ABM_GETTASKBARPOS, 
hwnd=0x10046): stub

of course the identified file is accessible and is visible while 
browsing the C: disk via Wine interface.

I am completely newby concerning Wine, so I do not know how to 
investigate a problem like that.
What are your suggestion ?

I did some search on the Wine wiki about the 
{6c736db1-bd94-11d0-8a23-00aa00b58e10} and found the 
http://wiki.winehq.org/LookupUuidTable that seems to suggest to have the 
I retrieved it from the web and did a copy directly in 
but that did not help me to solve above problem.


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